tassilo letzel
artist-in-residence & exhibition

in cooperation with proeflokaal kulter, bos en lommer, amsterdam-west
in cooperation with ndsm-treehouse, stichting ndsm-werf oost, amsterdam-noord
in cooperation with guest curator emily barsi, art.homes munich

exhibition and film screening
01.07. - 08.07.2012 at kulter
opening sunday 01.07.2012, 17.00h

bicycle-tour to niemandsland
a guiding tour to terrain vague places in amsterdam-noord
sunday 08.07.2012, 17.00 h, start at kulter

25.06. - 08.07.2012 at ndsm-treehouse

For further information go to www.rhizomatic.nl, www.kulter.nl, www.indebomen.nl

foto 1, 7, 8 by Tassilo Letzel
In the context of the rhizomatic summer residency Emily Barsi is invited to curate a project of Tassilo Letzel. The German artist will develop new work at the NDSM-TreeHouse guest studio. An exhibition and performance will take place at proeflokaal KULTER in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer and in Amsterdam-Noord.

The work of Tassilo Letzel is focused on the paradox of the status quo within a society permanently undergoing changes. His artistic research deals with two geographic areas: suburbia on the one hand and rural areas on the other. Where farmland is absorbed by the periphery of the cities one can find undefined places being no longer rural and being not yet urban: terrain vague. During his stay at Amsterdam Tassilo Letzel will develop a project inspired by the urban and territorial transformation of Stadsdeel Noord.

Tassilo Letzel (*1979 in Munich) works as a freelance cameraman, photographer and filmmaker. In his work he combines documentary techniques like film, photography and tracking-/bicycle-tours with sculptural works and installations. More information at http://tassiloletzel.de/

Waste Land Memorial

The Waste Land Memorial is set up by Tassilo Letzel, who is invited to NDSM Treehouse as artist-in-residence in cooperation with Rhizomatic, Kulter and Emilia Barsi.

The Waste Land Memorial is consisting of spotlights installed in the NDSM Treehouse gallery container, highlighting the terrain vague just in front of its huge windows.
The Waste Land Memorial will be the last exhibition in the old set up of this wilder part of the ndsm warf. By the end of „Over het IJ festival“ the containers need to be moved as the construction for a bridge will start. This bridge will complete a new bicycle path called „the sunny side of the IJ boulevard“.

Our surroundings do have to adapt to the actual needs of an ever changing society. In this development undefined spaces , so called „terrain vagues“ are getting less in a developing city like Amsterdam.

With creating the Waste Land Memorial Tassilo Letzel refers to the actual changes of the land in front of the NDSM Treehouse container. We invite you to farwell the wasteland during „over het IJ festival“ and to join us for a last supper with a cycling tour starting at Kulter gallery to the NDSM treehouse with some music and poetry on sunday 8th of july from 5pm on.

During his stay Tassilo Letzel set up an exhibition at Kulter in Bos en Lommer dealing with the urban development in Amsterdam Noord.

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